We are a family owned and operated office furniture and design store. We pride ourselves on supplying the newest, highest quality products, along with superior customer support to our commercial, educational, healthcare, government and residential customers.

Our team at 309 Office Furniture will work with you to plan your office space. We have design, layout, delivery and installation covered, all while staying within your budget. 

What They Do

  • Office Furniture
  • Office Accesories 
  • Conference Room Furniture
  • Lobby Furniture
  • Filing and Storage
  • Delivery and Installation 

How To Find Them

1711 Bethlehem Pike
Hatfield, PA 19440

(215) 822-3333

Walking into 309 Office Furniture & Design’s massive 20,000 square-foot showroom, you come upon a sea of brand new, brand name office furniture that presents endless possibilities for a perfect office space. 

309 Office Furniture & Design has been serving the community since 1939, getting their start selling home furniture in Philadelphia. Wally Rosenthal, the current owner and president, took over from his father in 1984. The company, then known as Curtis Furniture, moved out of the city and into Montgomeryville. In 1991, 309 Office Furniture & Design moved into their current location in Hatfield and specialized strictly in office furniture.  

Throughout the years, 309 Office Furniture & Design has adapted to changing styles and technological advancements. With early large computers, wires, printers, and fax machines, office furniture was built to accommodate these needs. However, as technology advanced and computers decreased in size, office desks have also shifted to a more customizable status quo.

“The industry is always evolving, because offices and how people do their work [always changes],” Rosenthal said.

They always try to keep up with the newest trends in the industry such as open space concepts and sit-and-stand desks. 

In addition to desks, 309 Office Furniture & Design supplies all your office necessities, offering file systems, cubicles, reception furniture, conference room furniture and lobby furniture. 

One of the key elements of this local furniture store is the ability to design every piece to fit the customer’s exact needs. Just about every item can be customized in color, size, material, etc. 

They excel in designing offices. Whether that be your home office, large corporate office, college lounge or doctor’s office reception area, they have the expertise to do so, all while keeping your budget in mind.

309 Office Furniture & Design even offers specialized ADA (American Disabilities Act) health-care compliant furniture. They also carry 24 hour chairs, made specifically for emergency personnel or 24-hour call-centers. 

The staff at 309 Office Furniture & Design is family oriented, all working together to offer the best service to every customer who walks in their door. David Weber, the Operations Manager, oversees the entire store. Danielle Wilhelm, a recent graduate of the University of Delaware, is the Marketing Manager. She is building up their social media and collaborating with local web developers to launch 309 Office Furniture & Design’s new website to debut in the Fall. Tammy and Greg Martin are the husband and wife sales team, working together to provide customers with personalized service. 

309 Office Furniture & Design delivers and installs office furniture all around the tri-state area. 

“When our guys leave, [your office is] ready to go. You can just sit down and start working.” Rosenthal says. 

309 Office Furniture & Design works to satisfy the needs of every customer. From small home offices to large commercial buildings, they help you find the best fit for any office situation. 

“Everyone is our customer, everyone needs a place to do their work,” Tammy Martin says. 

Check out 309 Office Furniture & Design on their website to take a virtual tour of their showroom or see it in person at 1711 Bethlehem Pike, Hatfield, PA 19440. Their showroom is one of the largest in the tri-state area, so stop by and get ready to update your office today.