Hassle-free fundraising for America’s best schools

What They Do

2-week school program for elementary and middle schoolers that teaches about leadership, promotes fitness and making good choices for the community

It has been more than a year since kids have been pulled out of school due to the Covid-19 pandemic. No more recess, no more passing notes under desks, no more field trips. This news has saddened millions of people including Ken Meyers, the Montgomery County franchise owner of Apex Leadership Co. “I lost four schools last year and 10 more this year because they had to pull out due to the pandemic.”

Ken got involved with Apex as an opportunity to make the world a better place and help people. “I coached my kids in basketball, baseball, soccer and football, so joining Apex Leadership Co. was a natural decision for me.” Apex Leadership Co. offers a 2-week school program for elementary and middle schoolers that teaches about leadership and promotes fitness and making good choices for the community.

This year, Apex’s annual theme was about being “MIGHTY” leaders, with each letter representing a word that pertains to a lesson Apex will teach over its six lesson days. These lesson days, spread out over two weeks, lead to a culminating event that brings all the lessons full circle in a fun and interactive way. Throughout the 2 weeks, the kids will be sharing a fundraising link they receive from Apex to solicit donations for their school.

To date, Ken and his Montco Apex team have served Jarrettown Elementary, Wyncote Elementary, Lower Gwynedd Elementary and Sandy Run Middle School, along with a few locations in Bucks County (Groveland Elementary and Warwick Elementary). One of the schools Ken’s worked with, recently netted over $44,000 from donations through their closeout event, the Fun Run. Through those funds, the school was able to give back to after-school programs, janitor and bus driver appreciations, and many other areas that often get overlooked. In addition, 10% of all funds raised go back to the teachers to use in their own classrooms. Apex also lets the school decide on which closeout event they want to have, such as the Fun Run, Dance Party, or Obstacle Course.

The money is only part of what the kids are earning. They are also acquiring knowledge and skills that they will carry for life. Most schools come back year after year with Apex because the kids and teachers appreciate it so much and find it to be so beneficial. Make a difference in your student’s life and choose Apex for your school’s next fundraiser. Developing leadership skills and fundraising for your school? Sounds like a win-win!