To provide discreet professional Drug, Alcohol, Lab, DNA, and DOT Testing services for businesses and individuals.

What They Do

  • DNA Testing
  • STD Testing
  • Workplace Testing
  • DOT Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Drug Testing
  • Synthetic Drug Testing
  • Hair & Nail Testing
  • Saliva Testing
  • Nicotine Testing

How To Find Them

1012 West 9th Ave, Ste 115
King Of Prussia, PA 19406


After leaving the accounting and finance world after 26 years, Rob Sykes wanted a career change. Raising 7 kids here in Montgomery County, Rob and his wife Mary needed to make the right decision, so they went with the obvious choice…they opened a drug testing facility?!

The Sykes bought into ARCcpoint Labs, a full-service provider and administrator of accurate, reliable, and confidential diagnostic testing for individuals, companies, and brands.  With the ARCpoint Labs Franchise surpassing the 100 operating locations milestone, Rob and Mary thought this was the perfect opportunity to enter the drug testing industry. This would enable them to showcase their passion in helping businesses and being a positive change in people’s lives. With that goal in mind, ARCpoint Labs King of Prussia opened in July of 2017, providing businesses with all pre-employment drug / alcohol testing as well as background services. Rob & Mary are both Department of Transportation (“DOT”) certified for DOT Alcohol Testing and DOT urine drug screen collections. For the consumer, they offer many drug & alcohol testing options as well as DNA (paternity) testing.They will also offer wellness solutions, clinical lab screenings, and blood draws in 2019.

Drug testing at ARCpoint Labs primarily involves a collection of urine, saliva, nail and or hair samples that are sent to a lab for testing & analysis. ARCpoint also offers a unique hair test called ChildGuard®. Rather than testing the contents of a hair follicle, ChildGuard® samples the hairs’ surface for drug residue. This will uncover whether a child has been exposed to drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine, and discover if they are in a bad living situation or environment. Hair testing offers a much longer window of detection than saliva or urine tests. Hair testing is typically used to identify more chronic usage and with an inch and a half of hair, is effective at measuring up to 90 days back.

While drug testing is a serious topic, Rob and Mary provide a welcoming, confidential and clean place for their customers, no matter the situation. Best of all, they boast extremely short wait times at their ARCpoint King of Prussia location. They also offer companies convenient onsite testing that enables employers to reduce employee downtime for testing. “It’s a service business,” said Rob. “Getting people in and out, treated well, treated with respect. That’s the level of service ARCpoint Labs provides.”

To combat attempts to cheat drug tests, ARCpoint Labs takes a variety of precautions such as temperature testing, specially-equipped bathrooms, and double checking all collections for accuracy, seals, and purity.

As parents and new business owners, Mary and Rob are excited to make a difference in the lives of others. Many of their clients are also parents wanting the best for their kids.

“There is a good feeling with this business,” said Mary. “I feel like we have made a difference in the lives of many parents we have helped through testing their teenagers.”

Furthermore, ARCpoint Labs at King of Prussia helps small businesses grow and be smart in their hiring processes.

“To know you had a bad hire when you are trying to grow a business could be detrimental,” said Mary.

Within the ARCpoint franchises 100+ locations, local labs can be found in Limerick, Doylestown, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Reading, and of course, King of Prussia.  ARCpoint Labs of King of Prussia delivers accurate, reliable, and confidential testing, while Mary and Rob Sykes provide a welcoming face to drug testing in Montgomery County. To learn more about Rob and Mary’s ARCpoint Labs location, or to schedule a test, visit their website and make sure to follow them on facebook .