At Blossom Counseling and Wellness LLC, we strive to provide you with client-centered, individualized quality care. Each of the providers located in our office empowers their clients to pursue growth, health, and wellness. Through a collaborative approach, your treatment and needs are uniquely addressed with your clinician.

What They Do

  • Health and Wellness Planning
  • Child Counseling
  • Teenage Counseling
  • Millenials Counseling
  • Life Coaching
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy

How To Find Them

555, 2nd Avenue, Building B, Third Floor
Collegeville, PA 19426


For Keiko Wolfe, improving lives has been a lifelong passion. Starting in high school to now running her own practice, Wolfe and her team changes lives in Montgomery County.

Working in therapy and counseling throughout Pennsylvania since 2009, Wolfe wanted to provide untapped resources, specifically for the autistic community. Furthermore, she wanted to create a space that includes all aspects of health and wellness.

“I really wanted to create something that was more holistic,” Wolfe states. “Something less formal, less like a doctor’s office, and very wellness oriented.”

Thus Blossom Counselling and Wellness was born, opening its doors in 2015.

Now with 12 specialized clinicians, Blossom Counseling and Wellness offers therapy for children, teen, millennials, young adults, couples, families, and larger groups. They also offer virtual therapy, designed for college students and clients with busy schedules.

 “When you come in here, you have 45 minutes with someone who will just listen.” Wolfe said, “You can say whatever you like. We aren’t going to say you are wrong, we aren’t going to judge you.”

Wolfe’s own specialty is children counseling. Teaching children skills such as self-regulation, Wolfe uses Legos, arts/crafts, and board games as outlets for kids to work on these specific skills.

“I get to see them grow. It’s really cool for me to see someone I originally saw at 10 years old, now 17 and blossoming,” she said.

At Blossom Counseling and Wellness, each new client begins with a free consultation as a part of an introductory phase. This consists of evaluating the individual’s needs, symptoms, and then properly matching each client with a therapist.

“We do truly believe that you do have all the skills that you need buried somewhere in you.” Wolfe said, “We are just here to help pull them out to help you succeed.”

In addition to counseling, Blossom Counseling and Wellness also offers yoga, special support groups, workshops, and free open events such as Walk and Talks, and Coffee and Coloring. In the future, they hope to offer more wellness options such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

Now in its fourth year of operation, Keiko Wolfe and her team at Blossom Counseling and Wellness continues to better individuals and families. Treating mental, physical, and emotional health, Blossom Counseling and Wellness leads clients to successful lives.

“I love being able to watch people make progress and lead them to their own discoveries,” Wolfe said.