November 2017


Our gym is built on the foundational values of respect, acceptance, and encouragement for every member regardless of age, ability, background, and fitness level. Our experienced coaches provide personalized instruction that keeps members moving safely and efficiently as they make progress toward their health and fitness goals. Our genuine love for CrossFit motivates us to focus on integrity of movement and allows for our members to get better and be better – in every aspect of life. Our professional training, when coupled with a positive supportive community helps us to create not only better athletes, but better humans!

What They Do

  • Tailored Fitness Classes
  • Functional Training
  • Free Workout Tracking Software
  • Box Basics Program for Beginners
  • Skill Sessions
  • Nurtritional Coaching
  • On Site Pro Shop

How To Find Them

536 North Trooper Road
Norristown, Pennsylvania


Starting a gym from the ground up takes tremendous patience, just ask Dennis Mooney. A little more than a year ago, he and business partner Aileen Guerin opened Bridge The Gap CrossFit in Norristown with zero members.

“It’s nerve-racking for the first month of coming and opening the gym and no one coming in the door,” said Mooney.

Despite the slow start, Mooney and Guerin knew they brought an important service to Montgomery County and never gave up. The inspiration for the name, their gym aims to improve people’s lives through CrossFit.

“We want to be that bridge for one person from where they are to where they want to be—wherever that may be,” said Mooney.

Mooney and Guerin have also used CrossFit to bridge similar gaps in their own lives. He is a veteran and ex-smoker who was out of shape after service, and she at one point, was 100 pounds overweight. CrossFit turned both of their lives around.

“It brought a light to me,” said Mooney.

However, he wouldn’t get the experience of helping others reach their goals until becoming a coach.

“That feeling of being able to help people is an awesome feeling,” said Mooney.

For him, CrossFit means community, and it is something at the heart of his and Guerin’s now year-old gym. Bridge The Gap CrossFit now has a growing community of 50 and offers them upwards of 40 classes a week. They’ve also brought former women’s lacrosse umpire and certified CrossFit trainer Roni Anton into the family.

Each class has a cap of 10, creating a tight-knit environment that also allows coaches to give attention to certain members if necessary. Every class starts with an explanation of the workout, making it accessible to people with all levels of CrossFit experience. They also don’t stop until everyone has finished the workout.

“We use CrossFit to get people in shape and build them up in a family,” said Mooney. “This isn’t a one-on-one environment. Never has. Never will be.”

From in-house fitness competitions to group outings and happy hours, Bridge the Gap CrossFit does all it can to flourish its own community within the gym.

“We wouldn’t be here without the members,” said Mooney. “These people trust us with their lives, and it honestly is that deep. They’re the reason why we do this and continue to do this.”

Outside of the gym, Bridge The Gap is also incorporating itself in the local community. In addition to partnering with many local organizations on events over the past year—including the Norristown Hospitality Center and Home At Last Dog Rescue—the gym also hosts small business Saturdays, which spotlight a member’s local business.

“It’s something we wanted to do to give back, especially considering we are also a small business,” said Mooney.”We know how hard it can be.”

When looking to the future, in addition to possibly expanding its physical space, Mooney wants to maintain Bridge The Gap’s family atmosphere as membership continues to grow.

“The same amount of attention everyone got when there were five members,” said Mooney. “We want to make sure it’s the same when there’s 100 members.”

They are well on their way to achieving this goal. Prospective members get a free first session, followed by two more personal workouts led by a coach before entering regular group classes.

To join the growing family at Bridge The Gap CrossFit, register for your free first session here!