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What They Do

Environmental consulting and remediation

Environmental consulting is a unique industry that deals with concerns and specialized projects that the general public isn’t typically aware of in their community.

At Brownfield Science & Technology, Inc., these projects and the clients they work with are their daily routine, and through state-of-the-art environmental cleanup technologies, BSTI meets their client’s needs.

BSTI is a woman-owned business founded in 1999 and deals with environmental consulting and remediation. This industry plays a huge role in reducing the detrimental impact of industrial, commercial, and government initiatives on the environment.

Guy Sheets has been the Director of Business Development for BSTI for a year and a half but has nearly four decades of experience in the field of environmental science under his belt. His role is crucial in seeking out new clients and working with existing ones.

“Primarily, they call me ‘the hunter’,” Sheets said. “I identify new opportunities out there.”

The work that BSTI does derives primarily from real estate transactions, facility operations, and legacy releases to the environment. They work closely with real estate and environmental lawyers, industrial Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers, and developers that buy and sell properties, manage facilities, or are responsible for controlling environmental risks for corporations. Once these clients are found, the process then moves on to what Sheets explained as “phase two’s,” which is investigating and managing any environmental concerns if they are found in the area.

BSTI also works with many industrial clients that need help managing long-term liabilities on operating sites. This work can include tank management or searching for contaminated soil on building sites. As well as looking for environmental concerns on the property, the company also investigates issues inside buildings. These projects include but are not limited to searching for asbestos in walls and lead paint inspections to keep occupants safe.

Putting BSTI’s work into perspective, Sheets explained that in one of their recent projects at a small park in Philadelphia where stormwater tanks were located, they were asked to re-inspect the soil for contaminants. With their technology and expertise, BSTI determined that the soil was not hazardous as a previous investigation had concluded.

“BTSI provides high-quality work for our clients,” Sheets said. “We have specialty equipment for every type of contaminant that we’re looking for.”

The main goal of BSTI is to reduce risks for their clients and avoid any environmental issue that could potentially decrease property value, fines or legal action from the state, or bad publicity. Sheets spoke on the importance of being honest with clients at all times.

“We look at what is a cost savings, what’s feasible, but really give them the honest truth,” Sheets said.

For any of your environmental consulting and remediation needs, BSTI has a great team of experts that can help you.

You can find them on their website and LinkedIn, where they post frequent documents to help clients understand solutions within the industry.