“I partner with you to achieve your best by supporting you to Reclaim Your Moxie™ through exploration and goal setting for your professional and personal outcomes including health, wellness, and addiction recovery.”

What They Do

Certified life coach, specializing in sobriety.

Moxie: noun; force of character, determination, or nerve. For years, Dana Piscopo felt her moxie slipping away at the hands of her alcohol substance abuse. She was too consumed by alcohol to enjoy some of her life’s most precious moments, but it was not until the Covid- 19 Pandemic, and the isolation that ensued, that Dana decided to finally relinquish her alcohol dependence, and reclaim her moxie. Now, she is helping other people battling alcohol addiction reclaim their moxie at Color Your Life.

Color Your Life was born out of the inspiration Dana found throughout her own self-discovery and sobriety journey. After earning her certifications in Integrative Holistic Nutrition and Vegan Lifestyle Coaching in 2018, Dana thought that she had uncovered her passion and unlocked the key to reclaiming her moxie. She completely dedicated herself to her vegan lifestyle and her zest for running. But something was still missing: her sobriety. Dana did not recognize that until quarantine. In accordance with her ‘all or nothing’ personality, Dana picked a date to give up alcohol and quit. While there were certainly agonizing moments, especially in the beginning, she finally found her “why”, and her purpose, which kept her focused on her sobriety.

Color Your Life offers Dana’s unique insight as a certified life coach, specializing in sobriety.

In terms of one-on-one services, Dana serves as a partner, rather than a sponsor, for example, throughout the client’s sobriety journey. “With coaching, I am an advocate and I am a partner,” she explains. Part of Color Your Life’s services include the option for Dana to work closely with other important figures in a client’s sobriety journey, such as a sponsor or a therapist, to create a cohesive team that can fully support a client’s sobriety journey. Working with Dana at Color Your Life offers clients weekly sessions, structured plans, and activities to help discover self-awareness, self-worth, and uncovering that they are in fact, their own knight in shining armor which then helps them create their future. Dana also provides an online community and group support, as well as a number of other specific services to Color Your Life. Dana carefully curates each client’s plan to their top three priorities, allowing the client to focus on their specific goals. “Ultimately, it’s guiding them on that path. I am not here to push them either way. They do that on their own. I give them the steps and the accountability to do so”.

Color Your Life also offers a professional program, aimed at removing the stigma of addiction from the workplace. Dana recalls that at the height of her addiction, during quarantine, her online work days were infiltrated by her desire to drink. That inspired her to address addiction in the workplace, internally. At her current company, Dana hosts a life-coaching program in order to remove stigma around addiction. By creating a monthly “theme”, and then hosting weekly sessions, Dana provides the space for individuals to address these topics in a comfortable, confidential environment. In just the first two months of this initiative, Dana has built up a consistent cohort of about twenty people dedicated to improving their quality of life. Now, a year in, she holds workshops for different lines of business as well as employee networks, such as Manifesting Your Goals and Boundaries. She has also started a second program, S.A.F.E. (sobriety awareness for everyone) where fellow employees can enjoy a safe space for support, crucial information, and authentic engagement. With the success of these programs and workshops, Color Your Life is now offering these types of programs to other companies as well.

With the success in her company, it has given Dana the opportunity to also become involved in partnering with the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP). She will be speaking at the 2022 Association of Builders and Contractors convention in San Antonio to tell her story, talking about peer-to-peer support, and the importance of these programs in the workplace as well as on the job site.
At Color Your Life, Dana Piscopo utilizes her colorful personality, zest for life, her moxie, professional life coaching skills, and her own personal experiences to walk with you on your journey to sobriety, and help you recover your own natural moxie. If you are interested in reclaiming your moxie, reach out to Dana at