Community Chiropractic Center strives to improve the health and well-being of Montgomery County and beyond!

What They Do

  • Gentle Adjustments
  • Spinal Adjustments
  • Pain Relief
  • Migraine Relief

How To Find Them

1717 Swede Road, Suite 106
Blue Bell, PA 19422


“A love of caring for people.” If that’s not your chiropractor’s motivation, you may want to consider getting adjusted by someone else. Like Community Chiropractic Center, where caring is a family affair. The Husband and Wife team of Drs. Mark and Kristin Legnola have run their practice, located in beautiful Blue Bell, for more than two decades, and truly love taking care of the community they call their own.

“We live in this area and our kids go to school here,” says Dr. Mark. “We really have a family feel, a lot of our patients are our friends and neighbors. I know who they are, where they work, their kids’ names…” This community first approach is evidenced by the extra mile they go to make sure they are always giving back. Their innovative Checkup For Charity program provides new patients with the benefits of chiropractic care without the financial burden while adding the benefit of donating to a good cause.  “New patients can come into our office and get a full exam for just a $25 donation to a local charity that we are working with,” says Kristen Moser, Community Chiropractic Center’s Practice Representative. “It includes a consultation, 30-minute exam, in office x-ray, and a report of the findings. Some of the charities we have worked with in the past include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Rachel Way Food Pantry, The Brad Fox Memorial Fund, the For Pete’s Sake Organization, The American Red Cross, to name a few.”

The Legnolas believe in the body’s ability to heal itself through chiropractic care. That’s why the emphasize the importance of trying chiropractic before turning to drugs or surgery. “Unfortunately, it’s very common that most people see us as a last resort.” Dr. Mark says. “If you have a headache or back pain, you typically go to your primary care doctor first. You’ll usually end up with a muscle relaxer or an over-the-counter painkiller recommendation. In most of these cases with a spinal issue, those relaxers are just like putting a band-aid on, but they never get the satisfaction of fixing a problem with their back or neck. After coming to us, we’ve had people leaving saying that they have been taking Advil or some sort of pain relief for years and wish they had come to us sooner.”

With chiropractic treatment being the largest non-prescribing entity in the world as far as health care goes, it’s safe to say that getting more people interested in this form of treatment can not only help them live a pain-free life but can also have a lasting impact on lessening our country’s opioid epidemic. “There was a study earlier in 2018 about people who are under regular chiropractic care that says they are 60% less likely to have an opioid addiction than people who are not,” says Dr. Mark. “The more people who start off with chiropractic help from musculoskeletal conditions the better. We feel we’d save the healthcare system a lot of money if people started with us. Being able to help someone without drugs or surgery is really satisfying.”

This dynamic chiropractic duo has seen their share of people dealing with pain for way too long. Dr. Mark and Dr. Kristin graduated chiropractic school 22 years ago and are proud to share the many benefits of this form of treatment with the public. “Really being able to solve someone’s health problems, not just in the short run, but keeping them healthier, in the long run, is really satisfying,” says Dr. Mark. “Many people may assume that going to the Chiropractor is painful. Even the thought of your back cracking is enough to make some people write off going to a chiropractor. One of the newer ways we can treat these patients is with our Arthrostim. It’s a device that can fire impulses as low as a few ounces to as high as 40 pounds of pressure, up to 12 times a second. We use the Arthrostim to deliver great chiropractic treatment without the patient having to feel their bones get cracked. It’s really making chiropractic treatment accessible to those who can’t deal with the sound of their bones cracking. It’s become really popular with children and the elderly.”

Even with this newer form of technology, seasoned practitioners like Dr. Mark still prefer a more traditional approach. “My favorite method of treatment is hands-on adjusting…most commonly referred to as cracking someone’s back.” If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or even migraines, give chiropractic treatment a try, and know that you are in the best hands imaginable with Drs. Mark and Kristin Legnola. To learn more about the Community Chiropractic Center, visit them at