Working with a Certified Coach is a great way to explore your current and future opportunities with an enlightened and objective eye. Unlike a friend or family member, Coaches are only tied to your best interests and agenda. We truly want to partner with you to build your confidence so that you can take action towards goals that are meaningful to you.

What They Do

  • Energy Leadership Assessment
  • Focused Coaching Sessions
  • Group Coaching 
  • Community Worshops
  • Free 45 min Discovery Sessions

Starting her coaching business in Conshohocken less than a year ago, Jenn Masse is pursuing her dream and changing lives. 

After a decade in the corporate world, Jenn Masse knew she wasn’t serving her true passion and needed to make a change. 

“I have always known I wanted to have a direct impact on people’s lives,” Masse stated. 

She redirected her career, training in Core Energy Coaching and earning an iPEC Professional Coaching and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner certificate. Throughout this process, Masse found her passion for coaching and started Conshy Coaching. 

She specifically focuses on empowering women to beat the burnout by empowering them to step out of their comfort zones, align with their authentic values, and create a life and career that they love.

“I realized, this is it. This is for me. I can inspire people, I can empower people and I can help people who were in my shoes find a better career path,” Masse said. 

Each coaching appointment is an hour session, scheduled either weekly or biweekly. Clients begin their coaching relationship  by taking an Energy Leadership Index Assessment. This provides a better understanding of their current mindset. Masse will evaluate the results of the assessment and will help clients   positively redirect their energy. While talking with individuals, Masse challenges their preconceptions and helps them break down their internal blocks. 

Masse offers face-to-face appointments, as well as video chat sessions.

“Coaching is kind of like a soundboard, having a coach can hold you accountable, push you out of your comfort zone, and really evaluate what your true goals are,” Masse said. 

Masse also encourages her clients to journal, building awareness and recognition of their feelings. 

While coaching is not a new concept in today’s society, it is often mistaken for therapy. Therapy addresses present and past issues, while coaching is more focused on the future and how to help individuals break down barriers to achieve their goals. 

“When I see people have moments of enlightenment and begin to show their authentic self to the world, I get really excited,” Masse stated. 

As her business grows, she is spreading her work in the community, working with local churches and the Women, Wine, and Wellness Networking Groupin Conshohocken. In 2020, Masse will begin offering online courses and corporate workshops, in addition to her focused client sessions.  On December 29th Masse will be hosting “Manifesting with Mimosas” at the Conshohocken Brewing Company in Bridgeport. Readers of Get to Know Montco can save 10% with code “GTKMreader”

“I absolutely love this town and community. That’s why I went with the name, Conshy Coaching,” Masse stated. 

Masse wants to combine her love of nature and coaching by offering guided hikes and group coaching opportunities in Valley Forge Park. She will also be partnering with REI for a few speaking engagements in the Spring.   

 “It’s so powerful to have all the mountains surrounding you,” Masse said.    

Conshy Coaching is changing lives in the local area, giving individuals the power and strength to become their most authentic selves. 

“It’s really cool to watch people’s journeys, and help them see that all along they have had it inside them,” Masse said. “It’s helping them remove built-up barriers and breakthrough.”

To learn more about Conshy Coaching, or to check out her upcoming events, visit