Mission Statement

Expressive Path is a mobile non-profit organization committed to enriching, educating, and inspiring adolescents by providing resources for them in the areas of: theater, dance, music, humanities and the visual arts. 

What They Do

  • Workshops
  • Art Education Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Tools for Success Program
  • Self-Expression Program
  • Community Events

How To Find Them

208 Dekalb St
Norristown, PA 19401


Expressive Path in Norristown is changing the game for students of Montgomery County. Providing free opportunities in arts and music otherwise unavailable, students are learning more than drawing and painting. They are learning skills for life.


Before founding Expressive Path five years ago, Pamela Martin was torn in many different directions, due to many interests.

“I’m a creative person and I was pursuing four of my loves: love of photography, love of the arts, love of working with teens and love of events,” she states.

In an effort to combine all of her interest and make a difference in the community, Martin decided to start a non-profit supporting art and music for students in the local area.

As one of the most important people in her life, Martin consulted her mother for guidance on this new venture. Her mother’s support, even after her passing, was key in starting Expressive Path.

“I felt like I had an angel supporting me.” Martin states.

Expressive Path started classes at the Montgomery County Youth Center in September 2015. Since then, it’s grown to include workshops at Roosevelt Campus of Norristown Area High School, Anderson School and Centre Theatre, Norristown. Expressive Path also gives lessons and assists with projects at the Norristown Area High School, Eisenhower Science, and Technology Leadership Academy, East Norriton Middle School, and local non-profits.

Expressive Path offers three specialty programs teaching students to express themselves.  

In their Art Education program, Expressive Path teaches teens about arts and music through field trips, museum tours, lectures, and scholarships. This furthers educates students in the arts and musical fields.

Expressive Path offers a Mentorship Program. Volunteer mentors teach personalized lessons to students in their medium of choice. Mentors vary in ages from 18-70.

This Mentorship Program also includes a Tools for Success portion. The mentors help students set goals to earn musical instruments and art materials to further improve the skills they have learned. These goals promote accountability, responsibility, and success for the students.

The Self-Expression program encourages students to take their skills to the next level through performances at local fundraisers/events or display their art pieces in a gallery. This program teaches the students self-confidence in presenting their skills in front of an audience.

“Through this program, the students are working with their classmates and encouraging each other” Martin states, “They want to take it to the next level.”

In addition to running programs, Expressive Path hosts many events in the community. Every spring they host Spring Fling. This year’s Mardi Gras themed event will be held on April 26th. In May, over 100 pieces of student work will be featured in the Montgomery County Community College Pottstown West Campus Gallery. Additionally, Expressive Path will be co-hosting, “Art in the Park” The Annual Arts and Musical Festival at the Firechief’s Memorial Bandshell at Elmwood Park to Elmwood Park Zoo on September 7th.

”Not every student is an athlete. The arts are really important for adolescents to express themselves” she states.

Expressive Path is dedicated to growing creative outlets for the students of Montgomery County.  Throughout the community, local musicians come out to support Martin and her goal to bring more arts and music to the kids of Montgomery County.

“I am so proud of my team. They are phenomenal teachers and great people.” Martin states, “They are dedicated, creative, and kind. They really get it.”

In the future, Expressive Path hopes to open a space in Norristown to teach students as well as display their art. Martin also hopes to showcase all the student’s skills through performances at local theaters and events.

“We are doing this to build our student’s self-esteem” Martin states, “That’s what we see as the students grow.”

If you are looking to volunteer or support Expressive Path, check out their website for ways to bring arts and music to students in Montgomery County.