House built in 1882

Opened as a Bed and Breakfast in March 2019


The George Washington Wood B&B is a beautifully restored 137 year hold Queen Anne Victorian Bed & Breakfast in Conshohocken PA hosting business travelers, couples & families.

What They Do

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Homemade Food
  • Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Community Events

How To Find Them

201 E. 5th Avenue
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

(610) 234-0272

Deep in Montgomery County, George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast offers a Victorian, modern, and unique homestay in Conshohocken.  

The George Washington Woodhouse dates back to 1882, serving as home to John Wood, his son George Washington Wood, and the rest of their family, one of the founding families of Conshohocken. The Woods ran Conshohocken Iron Works (later becoming J. Wood and Brother, then J Wood and Sons). 

Although George Washington Wood died in 1898, his wife, Laura Wood stayed in the home until she passed away in 1933. The estate was then sold to Dr. Richard Lebowski, who used it as a home and doctor’s office. In 1977, the property was sold to a lifelong resident of Conshohocken, Edmund Opielski. He was a WWII veteran and worked to restore the building until his ultimate death in 2015. In 2016, current owners, Joe and Carol Rutkowski purchased the property. 

“I used to live across the street, and I would tell my husband ‘We are going to own that house someday,’” Carol Rutkowski said. 

After working with a local contractor, she was able to restore the house. The building was updated and turned into a bed and breakfast, keeping many of the historical elements and charm. After years of construction, The George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast opened in March 2019.

Liliana (Lily) Gravagno, the current innkeeper, also loved the history of the property. She raised her 3 boys accross the street from the house and admired the George Washington Wood home throughout her time in Conshohocken.

“When I heard the house was going to be a bed and breakfast and were hiring, I messaged them immediately,” Gravagno stated. “I just wanted to be a part of it.” 

Rutkowski hired Gravagno and never looked back after a long search for the perfect innkeeper. 

This local historical building can host around 14 people in five rooms and is dog-friendly. George Washington Wood offers different rooms, all named after former owners: George Washington Wood, John Wood, Laura Wood, Laura Alene Wood, and Edmund Opielski. Each room has a unique charm and private bathrooms. The most popular room request is Edmund Opielski, due to the sense of home it provides for traveling guests. 

“I wanted to honor the people who kept this place going,” Rutkowski states. 

This bed and breakfast serve many travelers. During the week, guests are typically business travelers, some from all over the world. Visitors of Villanova University or Bryn Mawr College are frequent guests of the bed and breakfast. 

The George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast provides homemade meals and accommodates all food needs such as allergies or dietary restrictions. 

They offer packages for life celebrations such as bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and more.  They’re also an asset to local businesses by providing them a centralized location for networking events and other business related functions. Previous events include pumpkin carving classes for Halloween, art galleries, and a retreat for Conshy Coaching, a previous Get To Know Montco Spotlight. The space can host events for up 50-60 people. 

With its history in Montgomery County, this space is well known throughout the area. Long time community members often stop by, excited to see the house and property restored. 

“People just walk by and want to see it so bad,” Lily states, “We welcome them in, have tea or coffee, and give them a tour.” 

George Washington Wood Bed and Breakfast is the epitome of local pride, supporting local artists and business owners.

Preserving the history and the original charm of the home, this local treasure offers a personalized unique stay in Montgomery County. Learn more and book your stay today at their website.