The secret to healthy living begins with food choice, so we always offer you the food your body craves! We offer many organic and raw vegan options as well as our smoothie blends and juices. Ask about our weekly or monthly Organic Juice Cleanses to get your body on the right track!

What They Do

  • Vegan Cafe
  • Yoga
  • Mediation
  • Barre Ballet
  • Tai Chi
  • Community Events
  • Showcase local artists and musicians

How To Find Them

3113 Main Street Green Lan, PA 18054 1 (215) 234-4204
When taking the scenic drive up PA-63 to Green Lane, PA, be on the lookout for a gem hidden among the aged buildings dotting the route through the historical town in northwestern Montgomery County. The bright orange exterior and large flower mural match the natural surrounding and also the culinary vibrance taking place inside. Founded just four months ago by Natalie Valeriano, this gem known as Green Lane Naturals is a vegan community cafe that offers healthy juices, smoothies, food, and so much more.
“I saw the need for a health cafe and really wanted to explore more in the vegan community and share it with this area to bring it together,” said Valeriano. When asked for her favorite menu item, Valeriano had trouble, but offered the Sunshine Lime juice with apple, ginger, pineapple and lime. Customers flock to the café for specials on jackfruit or buffalo cauliflower tacos. Every first Friday of the month, Green Lane Naturals hosts a vegan buffet dinner for the community with food cooked by local vegan chef, Wendy Landiak. These dinners also provide an opportunity for local artists and musicians to showcase their work. In addition to its food and drinks, Green Lane Naturals also has a yoga studio, where instructors teach yoga, barre ballet, meditation and art classes. “I’ve been really lucky that a lot of people in the area have come out and have just been thanking me,” said Valeriano. “‘We need something like this’ and ‘We’re so happy you’re here.’” For its founder, Green Lane Naturals’ community and health-based message comes from a very emotional place. Two years ago, Valeriano’s mother passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer. Before its orange and floral makeover, the one-story house was the Clay Cottage, a pottery shop owned by Valeriano’s mother. Her kindness and generosity with art inspired Valeriano’s own message with health and wellness. “She was such a light in the world, and shared her art with everyone,” said Valeriano. “It’s the stepping stone for what I’m doing now.” After her death, Valeriano’s family wanted to change their lives. They went vegan a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back. “I have two brothers and we want to live a healthy life in her honor,” said Valeriano. The change in lifestyle not only planted the seed of Green Lane Naturals, but also gave her and her family a path to recovery. “Starting this small change and starting to eat right gave me the fuel to heal my mind, body and spirit,” she said. Her biggest accomplishment so far is learning to become a chef. As a graduate from Temple with a degree in marketing, Valeriano had little experience in the kitchen when starting Green Lane Naturals. “I never liked it before, but now I like when I’m using real, organic ingredients,” she said. Her biggest challenge has been trying to educate the community about health and wellness as a non-expert. “I have a mission to learn a lot now,” said Valeriano. “It’s a big challenge, but it’s a good challenge.” Green Lane Naturals was recently featured at Easton’s first-ever VegFest and in the future, Valeriano wants to take the business on the road with a food truck. “I love doing events,” she said. “I did a lot of marketing and promotion events out of college, so I have good experience with that,” In regards to new classes, Valeriano looks forward to a new mycology class taught by a local expert coming soon in addition to art, yoga, meditation and ballet classes. Already in its early stages, Green Lane Naturals is quickly becoming a community staple in Green Lane and beyond, just like her mother’s pottery shop years before.