Hella Classic’s mission is to help women feel beautiful and confident in everything they do. 

What They Do

  • Clothing
  • Jewelery
  • Hair Accessories
  • Body Products
  • Sunglasses

Ashley O’Donnell has always liked classic things. When she noticed that there was not a lot of “classic” hair care and fashion products on the market, she made it her initiative to bring a classic look to those looking for it.

This is where Hella Classic comes in. A company that offers fashion accessories at an affordable price, O’Donnell, a Norristown native, came up with the concept after years of working at GAP after college. 

Growing up with family members who owned businesses had always influenced O’Donnell to be her own boss and made her want to pursue her own business. 

In January, Hella Classic became a reality. After launching her website and social media pages, O’Donnell received lots of positive feedback on her products and accessories, especially from those looking to get the company’s logo embroidered on custom clothing. The name comes from her old AIM username, “hellaclassic.”

Right now, Hella Classics is a one-woman operation, with O’Donnell overseeing all orders, shipments, and stocking of her various products, which include a variety of unisex t-shirts, bracelets, necklaces, and tote bags. 

Being an online company has many perks, and O’Donnell is thankful that the COVID-19 pandemi

c has not affected her business. “I’ve been very lucky that the orders have been consistent, and it really picked up during COVID,” she said.

The company is currently affiliated with Misfit Heroes, Inc., a Norristown-based group working towards providing vital services to the families and community of the area.

As time goes on, O’Donnell is looking to open a brick and mortar location to sell her products in-person and to hire a team to help her make Hella Classic a larger part of her community. “It’s the relationship, it’s the community service, its the community events, it’s the brand,” she said.

O’Donnell has said that she plans on releasing new products in the near future, with a selection of candles and men’s clothing being a part of that selection. 

Ashley can be reached through her website or through Hella Classic’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.