To encourage, create and maintain healthy self care rituals and practices through the use of our products. 

What They Do

  • Specialty Candles
  • Body Oil/Body Butter
  • Lip Balm

How To Find Them

Harleysville, PA

Stress is unavoidable in our world today. Every one of us is affected by COVID-19 in some way or another, and it’s easy to get caught up and overwhelmed in its path. We could all use some time to focus on ourselves, and LevanaNINE is here to help us do just that.

Sheray James, founder and chief artisan of LevanaNINE, knows first hand just how stressful life can be. With a full-time job and three daughters at home, it was hard for her to carve out time for herself.

She discovered that burning candles was a quick and easy way to find calm in her daily routine.

“Burning a candle is the first thing I do when I get home,” James said. “Taking in those scents help me take away my stress.”

As time went on, James found herself buying more and more candles to ease her stress. Instead of continuing to give money to big name brands, she decided she’d start a business of her own.

James founded LevanaNINE in 2017, and the business has grown substantially since their launch. Body scrubs, lip balms and body butters are now sold in addition to candles, and every product is made by hand. 

“I manufacture all of my products right here in my kitchen,” James said. “This is a one woman show.”

LevanaNINE’s growth wasn’t always easy to achieve, though. James plans, researches and crafts every product by herself, and mastering this took some time.

“It definitely wasn’t amazing off the bat,” James said. “It took me about a year and a half to figure out what works. There’s a lot of research and testing that goes into creating my products.”

Family also plays a big role in LevanaNINE. Her three daughters often have a hand in creating products, and her family members are the first testers and reviewers. 

Even the business’ name is a direct representation of James and her family. 

“The name LevanaNINE is a composite of everything I love,” said James. “I love ancient languages, the moon, and my daughters. I also have a special connection with numerology. Levana is Hebrew for moon, and nine is the sum of all my daughters’ birth dates.”

While LevanaNINE continues to grow in products and sales every day, James remains committed to the business’ original mission: Helping its customers love and care for themselves.

“We want to help you achieve balance in your overwhelming lifestyle,” said James. “Especially today, there is always something going on. We want to make sure you can find refuge in your sacred space, and provide products that can help you with that.”

You can find LevanaNINE’s products on their website, and learn more about them through their social media