“The Literacy Council of Norristown’s adult literacy and English language programs improve lives and strengthen families in Greater Norristown and Montgomery County”

What They Do

  • Literacy learning programs
  • Reading, writing, and math classes
  • GED preparation and testing
  • English language classes,
  • Conversation Clubs
  • US Citizenship
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Volunteer programs

How To Find Them

113 E Airy St.
Norristown, PA 19401

Founded in 1984, the Literacy Council of Norristown provides basic education for adults and can help them with reading, writing and math; GED preparation and testing; English language instruction; and U.S. citizenship. Located at the First Presbyterian Church of Norristown, the Literacy Council offers in-person, face-to-face classes, tutoring sessions, and clubs, as well as virtual programs for adults 18 and older to participate in and learn. 

Classes take place at a variety of times. In addition to adult services, a childcare classroom is available during English language classes. Education is offered at no cost, but donations in cash and gently used books are accepted to enhance the organization’s efforts.

The Literacy Council’s impact goes way beyond just improving literacy rates. In fact, the organization makes a conscious effort to create a community that goes way beyond the classroom setting. 

“This is something I feel very passionate about. We are not only teaching adults to read or learn English; we are building bridges and connections.. We are connecting people to new opportunities, to new friends, to our culture, and to our community. This can open up new worlds for learners and transform lives”, says Eileen Hallstrom, Executive Director of The Literacy Council of Norristown. 

Hallstrom added that the Literacy Council of Norristown listens to students’ needs and their goals and goes above and beyond to help students accomplish their goals.

The Literacy Council of Norristown continues to grow and expand its efforts every year. This month, a collaborative literacy project created by the Literacy Council of Norristown, in partnership with the Greater Norristown NAACP and Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library called One Book One Norristown, is launching. This program, similar to One Book One Philadelphia, is designed to further the narrative and storytelling of different cultures that are important in the Norristown community.

Since its founding 37 years ago, the Literacy Council of Norristown has had a great impact on the Norristown community. Many students have attended colleges and universities, and several students have started their own businesses, thanks to the team and their dedicated staff.

For more information on the Literacy Council of Norristown and how you can get involved, you can visit their website or find them on Instagram and Facebook.