We help companies and people grow by combining local talent and service with specialized recruiters and creative solutions to enrich the economy and the lives of the clients it serves.

We partner with a wide range of companies in Greater Philadelphia, including Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We provide staffing support to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small startup companies to fortune corporations. Our dedicated recruiters regularly place qualified candidates into direct-hire, temporary and temporary to hire positions.

What They Do

  • Administrative Industry
  • Professional Industry
  • Light Industrial Industry

How To Find Them

601 Bethlehem Pike
Montgomeryville, PA 18936


Recruiting is more than just a family business for McCallion Staffing Services. It is continuing to grow the local community and helping people find their dream career.


Passionate about the recruitment industry, Victoria McCallion founded McCallion Staffing Specialists in 1979. She originally worked at a staffing agency in Philadelphia..However, unhappy with long commute, she started her own agency in Montgomeryville Pennsylvania.

“She got into recruiting and loved it” current owner Lisa McCallion says, “She was good at it and ran with it.” 

After joining the business in 1980, Victoria’s son, Jim McCallion, took over the company in 1999. He then turned the business over to his wife, Lisa McCallion, now the current owner.

“I love helping people find their ideal job,” Lisa states, “There is no better return then when someone says ‘Thank you so much, I love this job, I am so happy.’”

They first started in the administrative industry but expanded into professional shortly after. In 2003, they expanded further into light industrial and manufacturing.

McCallion Staffing works with both local businesses and individuals find a perfect job match. They work in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Lehigh Valley, Berks County, and Chester County.

With each individual they serve, McCallion Staffing goes through an interview process. They inquire about each person’s skill set, the distance they are willing to travel, salary requirements, preferred career, previous employment, education, and other characteristics to create a better understanding of the individual. These individuals can vary from 18-70 years old.

“We ask them a lot of questions. We really try to find a good fit and match all of their requirements,” Lisa states. “It can be a jigsaw puzzle sometimes.”

In addition to matching individuals with job openings, McCallion also works with them to help secure the job.

“It’s not just finding individuals a job. It’s teaching them. We help them with their resume, tell them what to wear, and how to interview at these companies,” Beverly Schaffer, a recruiter at McCallion Staffing, states.

Additionally, McCallion Staffing speaks to businesses about potential employees.

“We pitch the individual’s story to the company. It might not be the strongest resume, but we feel their personality is perfect fit. This is person you really want working for you,” Lisa McCallion states.

McCallion Staffing has served this community for 40 years, building strong relationships with their employees and the local area.

“Staying in the same community and being connected to this area has been great. A lot of customers have been with us for 30 years.” Lisa states. “We often know the companies better than their HR people do.”

McCallion Staffing sponsors Manufest in Montgomery County. It is a drive for the manufacturing companies in the area to educate high school and middle school kids about the manufacturing industry. 

In the future, McCallion Staffing hopes to expand more into Bucks and Lehigh counties, expanding job opportunities and future employees.  

Additionally, they hope to become a one-stop shop for more companies, supplying all of their employment needs in professional, administrative, and light industrial industries. As a certified National Women Business Owner Corporation and Small Business Certified, McCallion Staffing Services continue to stand out as a strong voice in the community.

Learn more about the opportunities McCallion Staffing Services offers by visiting their website here.