We help people of all ages in Southeast Pennsylvania recover from pain and injuries while avoiding unnecessary doctors visits, medications, injections, or surgeries. We help you transform your health so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy most! Dr. Luke will come to your home or office to provide physicaly therapy treatment. 

What They Do

  • Physical Therapy
  • Cash-based Treatment
  • One-on-one  appointments
  • Mobile services
  • Gym-based services

How To Find Them

Body Dynamics Fitness Center
1810 County Line Rd
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Doylestown Fitness Center
4339 W Swamp Rd
Doylestown, PA 18901

FitLife Performance Performance Training
157 Railroad Dr
Ivyland, PA 18974


A fond memory of Luke Pedersen’s childhood growing up in upstate New York was going outside with his brother and sister to search for caterpillars. They would collect them in a peanut butter jar and watch them grow, releasing them once they were monarch butterflies. This process, repeated many times in Pedersen’s youth has come full circle in his adult life as the founder of Monarch Physical Therapy.

“If you think of a monarch butterfly, they go through a transformation,” said Pedersen. “With physical therapy, we take people from a stage where they’re at and take them through a transformation into something that’s great and awesome and where they want to be.”

Monarch Physical Therapy is a unique physical therapy service because it is primarily a mobile service. This platform’s major benefit is flexibility. It is a concierge physical therapy service, where Pedersen can offer sessions in the comfort of client’s own home or in their office during a lunch break.

“I like to call it outpatient on wheels, so basically anyone who would go to outpatient physical therapy could receive this service,” said Pedersen, who before starting the company was a practicing orthopedic outpatient physical therapist at a center in Hatfield.

Despite being mobile-oriented, Monarch Physical Therapy does operate out of three gyms for those more comfortable going somewhere else for physical therapy. There are two in Bucks County and the one in Montgomery County is the Body Dynamics Fitness Center in Huntingdon Valley.

Pedersen’s presence in the gym as a physical therapist offers a unique service to its members. They can, through their own choice or by reference from a trainer at the gym, go see Pedersen while working out if they experience any pain or discomfort while working out. For the gym, it’s another service it can offer to its members. For Pedersen, it’s a way to build and expand his base of clients.

“I look at it as a win-win-win scenario,” he said.

In terms of payment, Monarch Physical Therapy also goes outside of the box in the interest of its clients. It is a cash-only business, meaning Pedersen does not accept any insurance plans. The treatment clients receive is based solely on what’s best for them and not a third party. However, he will provide a receipt of services if requested for submission to insurance.

“I always tell my clients, I treat you not your insurance company,” said Pedersen.

In many ways, Monarch Physical Therapy is also still in a transformative state. It’s only existed for three months, but as Pedersen makes more community connections and expands his client base, the cocoon of his business will molt into its chrysalis phase. One of his future plans is to partner with more gyms in Montgomery and Bucks counties. Before long, Monarch Physical Therapy will emerge from its chrysalis as the new, innovative way to get physical therapy in Montco. Be sure to visit Monarch Physical Therapy’s website to schedule your first session from wherever today!