To provide a new approach to getting meals on your table quickly with minimal stress and maximum flexibility, all while reducing food and packaging waste in the process!

What They Do

  • Fresh Frozen Items
  • Ready Dishes
  • Mealmakers 

How To Find Them

121 N. Narberth Avenue
Narberth, Pennsylvania 19702


While most people enjoy the comfort of a home-cooked, well-made meal with the family, the busy nature of the world we live in makes it hard to make time for that.

Anjali Gupta, a corporate consultant who has worked for Harvard Business School, found it hard to make a home-cooked meal while balancing work and being a mother. “I’ve always loved food,” Anjali said. “When I travel, I’m always seeking out ‘What are people eating locally?’ and ‘What are they putting on their tables at home?’

During her business travels, she began to notice that many busy people in European countries gravitate toward the convenience of pre-made frozen meals. “I started to wonder what other people do in other countries who have the same challenges.”

This question led her to develop Pinwheel Provisions, a meal solutions business that helps busy people get what they need for their meals in a fast, easy, and healthy way.

This past September, the business started selling their products at The Market at Liberty Place in Kennett Square. After positive feedback and great success at the market area, Pinwheel Provisions opened up its home store in Narberth, Pennsylvania in February.

At the Narberth location, customers can get what they need for their meals with the many options Pinwheel has to offer. “Fresh Frozen” foods are ready to be bought in bulk to help you with gathering ingredients for your meals. Pinwheel’s flash-frozen product makes for fresher ingredients on your plate. You can also utilize “Mealmakers”, which are pre-made bags of foods
like pasta, rice, and herbs to help add to your meals.

Don’t have time make a meal from scratch? Pinwheel Provisions has you covered with their “Ready Dishes”, which are pre-made meals that just need to be heated up and enjoyed. Enjoy ready-to-make meals like Braised Beef Ravioli or Tuscan Garden Veggie Tart.

Pinwheel offers meal and food opinions for those with dietary restrictions, allowing people who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or on a low-sodium diet to utilize their services. They also have meals with flavors and recipes from around the world, just as Indian and Moroccan, and Southern cuisine, so that you can spice up your meals and try something new.

On top of all the options they have to offer their customers, Pinwheel is also dedicated to being an eco-friendly food business.

With various “loose” foods from the “Fresh Frozen” selection and encouraging customers to reuse and recycle what they buy from their store, Pinwheel Provisions is dedicated to keeping the amount of waste from their operation as low as possible.

Learn more about Pinwheel Provisions on their website and social media.