Our mission is to address the need of many small businesses with expertise in their field but not in sales

What They Do

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Business owners are trying to sell their services every single day, but in addition to struggling with production and capacity, they often have only a broad understanding of how selling works. If you are struggling with this issue, look no further! From group workshops to one-on-one consultations, Gary Kurtis does it all. Dedicated to helping others, his keen eye for the Sales Management Industry helped him recognize that many individuals,“ whether their title is sales or not, they are in a sales role, and they are struggling.”

Sales Tips 101 is a Montgomery County favorite; located in Ambler, PA. The owner, Gary Kurtis, has a myriad of credentials in the sales industry and provides his expertise in combination with innovative sales tactics to revolutionize the way you sell your services. He started Sales Tips 101 to help small business owners who are experts in their field, but have a hard time trying to sell their business.

Often, corporate sales training programs try to educate beginners on the basics of sales, but ultimately leave their trainees more confused, as well as out thousands of dollars, for cookie cutter type information. Gary saw this first-hand and knew that there needed to be another way to help individuals. Furthermore, Gary works within your financial means for his services; although he has mastered the art of sales, he will not use his tactics to rip you off!

Gary’s approach is “based on the understanding that it is people dealing with people and a lot of successful models that I have used over the years on how to create that comfort level so you can create what I call that ‘buying atmosphere’”.

Gary gets to know his customers by learning what they are good at via a detailed and thorough assessment of the individual’s strengths, which helps to boost their success to the next level. This strategy of forming bonds with others is something that Gary also practices in his personal life. He is active with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, where he is the head of the Business Builders Committee and sits on the Chamber Board of Directors. In addition, Gary is an advocate for the local ALS organization, regularly planning and running events with the organization, and even donates 10% of all his profits to the organization.

Gary’s vast professional, as well as personal, network within Montgomery County is just one of the perks of working with him. The emphasis on interdependence could not be more apparent to Gary’s practice. When asked how he develops relationships with new clients, he responds “let us develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial where we can help each other”. With his emphasis on networking, he has been able to overcome the Covid-19 setback into major growth within the last year.

Looking into the immediate future, Sales Tips 101 hopes to keep helping small businesses, especially in these tough times. Since Gary has had success using Zoom and other hybrid model operation styles, he has been able to network and do business with people both within and outside of Montgomery County.

Gary Kurtis is the sales expert, and with his help you will be able to navigate the ins and outs of selling your business.