1968-2018. Reopened in 2019. 


Skippack Pharmacy has been a healthcare destination in the community since 1968. As a traditional neighborhood community pharmacy, our mission is to provide our patients and their families with the greatest quality and value in pharmacy-related services. Under new local ownership, Skippack Pharmacy continues to grow and innovate sitting on its strong foundation of customer service, integrity, and employees who care about their customers. We are your one-stop shop for your health and family and firmly believe that being a local pharmacy means providing healthcare services to our patients that are customized to meet their needs. At our pharmacy, you’re treated like family.

What They Do

  • Immunizations 
  • Free Prescription Delivery 
  • Medication Synchronization
  • Prescription Insurances Accepted
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Community Healthcare Education
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Medication Disposal

How To Find Them

4118 West Skippack Pike
Schwenksville, Pennsylvania 19473

(610) 584-6979

Skippack Pharmacy, a beloved local pharmacy, originally debuted in 1968. Though they had to close their doors in 2018, new owner Dr. Mayank Amin (known as Dr. Mak) gave Skippack Pharmacy new life and was determined to “bring people back home” in 2019.

Before reopening Skippack Pharmacy, Dr. Mak spent time in the entertainment industry. He worked as a body double for Dev Patel in an M. Night Shyamalan film. He learned the inner workings of the industry and gained a passion for storytelling while training in pharmaceuticals.

Combining his love of storytelling, his expertise of pharmaceuticals and experience taking care of his grandmother, Dr. Mak knew he wanted to learn the stories of his local community and help those in need. 

 “I have become the grandson of Montgomery County,” he said. 

To advertise the reopening, Skippack Pharmacy put up a billboard featuring Bonnie, a beloved employee prior to the pharmacy closure. She drew many customers back with her warmth and service, such as personalized birthday calls for every patient. 

Dr. Mak and his staff emphasize personalized attention to best serve patients in the local area.

Skippack Pharmacy offers free medication delivery for all patients. Dr. Mark interacts one-on-one with his patients and forms a personal connection. He even dresses up as a super hero for delivery at homes with younger kids. 

“Not everyone needs home delivery, but for the elderly and even for younger families, delivery really helps,” he states. 

Dr. Mak has customized delivery care for seniors by helping out with additional needs, including changing light bulbs and talking with them in detail about their medications.

Skippack Pharmacy offers other services such as immunizations, medication synchronizations, community health care education, medication therapy management, and medication disposal. 

Soon after opening, Skippack Pharmacy founded and released a line of CBD products called Skippack CBD. These products are backed by research and tested by Pharmacy employees. Skippack CBD oils and gummies offer pain relief and assistance with sleep issues, seizures, and anxiety.  

“We are making products that are changing people’s lives,” Dr. Mak.  

Dr. Mak also takes patient requests for any retail needs. He stocks the pharmacy with items such as wrapping paper, specific vitamins, jumper cables, specialized dentures, and other items. 

“It’s being able to cater to whatever someone needs. We want to become that one-stop-shop,” Dr. Mak said. 

Skippack Pharmacy makes strides to go green. They only use LED lights, provide plastic bags upon request, and do not print receipts. 

“We weren’t just reopening, we are better than this place has ever been,” Dr. Mak explained. 

Skippack Pharmacy assists those who face financial hardships and cannot afford medication. For every patient they serve, Skippack Pharmacy donates medication to a patient in need. 

“I care about you as a local business, because I actually care about you,” he said.

Dr. Mak builds deep connections with his patients and is often invited to dinners during free medication deliveries, birthday parties, and even funerals when a beloved patient passes away. 

“Not only have we made them part of our family, but they have made us part of their family,” he said. 

Skippack Pharmacy is very involved in the local community. They sponsor local basketball teams and support Skippack events including the Skippack 4th of July Parade, Lavender Day, and the Skippack Lions Diabetes Awareness events. In Skippack Village, all the local businesses supported the reopening, switched their prescriptions, offered cross-promotional giveaways, and spread the word about Skippack Pharmacy. 

In addition to running Skippack Pharmacy, Dr. Mak also spreads awareness of small pharmacies and the struggle they face against large corporations. He travels around the country to attend conferences and speak at local colleges and universities. 

“There is no competition in the amount of care that a small place can give someone over a large chain,” he said. 

Skippack Pharmacy encourages students to join the Skippack staff to learn about the healthcare industry. They also help launch projects such as the “Skip the Flu” program, which helps seniors get the flu shot in their own homes and offers free flu shots to those in financial need. The students also shadow Dr. Mak on medication deliveries. 

Skippack Pharmacy is dedicated to best serving the community, extending past just medical needs. 

“When I see a 90-year-old happy, that makes me happy, ” he said.