Today we are operating a 24/7 fully automated car wash, self-serve vacuums and a “Professionally Staffed” Detail Center for our customers.

What They Do

  • 24/7/365 Car Wash
  • Car Detailing

How To Find Them

24 N. County Line Road
Souderton, PA 18964


Jerry Umstead feels the most comfortable around cars. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the Sudz In A Bucket Car Wash owner.

As a child, Umstead grew up at a car dealership, spending hours after school with his father who worked as a car salesman. Umstead’s passion for cars continued into adulthood, eventually pursuing a career in the automotive field.

“The moment I was born, I had a car in my hand.” he states.

He began detailing cars in 1978, long before deciding to venture out and start his own business

“I was washing our cars in the driveway at home one night, and thought this is what I should be doing!” he states.

Umstead and his business partner, Brian Keeler, considered many locations in both Bucks and Montgomery Counties for their new car wash business, ultimately settling on Souderton. They officially bought the County Line Road facility in 2008. However, there were still major renovations needed to bring Sudz in a Bucket Car Wash to life. After construction, Sudz in A Bucket finally opened to the public in mid-December 2011.

One of the key elements in the Sudz in a Bucket renovations was becoming eco-friendly. During the renovations, huge 4,500 gallon tanks were installed to filter and repurpose the water during the car wash process.

Sudz in a Bucket is a 24/7 automatic car wash and features a WashWorld Razor wash system. It gives customers the opportunity to clean their car anytime day or night.  

“We decided we were going to be all or nothing. We are touch-screen and touch free. We don’t touch your car in our wash process.” Umstead states.

There are three different types of wash customers can choose from, each vary in price and elements such as under car wash, dryer, triple foam wash, and wax.

“It’s like having vanilla ice cream and offering a whole sundae.” Umstead states.

Along with the car wash, Umstead continues detailing cars at Sudz in a Bucket. This process entails a thorough clean of the inside and outside as well as improvements in the wheels, engines, door jams, windows, etc.

“My best compliment is when people say ‘My car didn’t look this nice when I bought it new.’ ” Umstead states.

Umstead and his team work hard keep up with the constant flow of car details, often booking car details months in advance.

As a long time member of the local area, Umstead takes time to give back to the community. Sudz In A Bucket sponsors a local soccer team. He also supports local car shows, often sponsoring trophies. Around the holiday season, Umstead gives back to the local police by hand delivering gifts to each precinct in the area.

Looking back on the long journey, Umstead is proud of the determination and hard work he brought to bring Sudz in A Bucket to life.

Sudz In A Bucket Car Wash is open 24-7-365. Visit the Sudz Guy on County Line Road in Souderton today.