“Everyone leaves with an experience!”

What They Do

  • Men and women’s clothing
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Live music
  • Live painting
  • Complimentary cheese
  • BYOB wine
  • Rentable space for small private events

How To Find Them

246 N. Keswick Avenue
Glenside, PA 19038


Tasha and Eric Henderson have desired to become entrepreneurs since they joined together 13 years ago. This dream became a reality when they opened The Keswick Experience, a thrift boutique in Glenside, PA, earlier this year.

The Keswick Experience is a boutique that features men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and more. With a strong interest in the arts, the Hendersons decided to create a unique environment for their customers to enjoy in addition to their products. This includes, by not limited to, live music, live painting, complimentary cheese, BYOB wine, and more.

“We love music, we love art, and we love clothes,” says Eric. “And we love food!” Tasha adds.

As of a few months ago, The Keswick Experience was not in the planning stage. Toward the end of April, they saw the for rent sign in the window of the space. When they called the renter, he was available for a tour that same day. It was a perfect location for a thrift store, and they took it as a sign that they needed to make something of this location.

Since finding the perfect location, Tasha and Eric went to work, preparing the space and securing items that will bring the ‘experince’ to life! “Everything’s just falling into place, and the dots are just connecting,” Tasha said of the entire process.

When you walk into The Keswick Experience, you will immediately notice the bright colors of the walls, clothes and furniture, and the abstract art displayed on the walls. Tasha and Eric were thrilled to display some of their personal artwork throughout the boutique. The inclusion of art and music is what they believe will attract people to their business.

“That is why it is called The Keswick Experience,” Eric said. “It is not just you coming and buying a shirt. The shirt is just a byproduct of the vibe. The vibe is that when you come here, you are going to be immersed into the culture. If you don’t know art, don’t know music, hopefully, when you leave here, you will have learned something.”

Lastly, The Keswick Experience takes reservations for small private events. The Keswick Experience is a great location to host podcasts, photoshoots, and even small events like bridal or baby showers.

The Hendersons hope their business can become a presence in the community. They want to help grow the community and help others. Eric cites a desire to support local women’s shelters by donating clothes, as he recognizes how suddenly women may need to leave their homes with no opportunity to pack.

As for what The Keswick Experience is to them? Eric put it like this: “It is somewhere to talk and to get to know people and help people, so pretty much we want to be a blessing to people.”